New rfave release!

We just pushed a bunch of changes based on feedback we’ve received since we launched rfave, just a little over a week ago.  Thanks so much for the support.

Here’s some of the new features you’ll notice in rfave:

  • Faster recommendations: Now, when you see someone’s recommendation on the site and you think “Oh, yeah, that’s totally the best milkshake in San Francisco”, you can simply click the orange icon and it will add your recommendation.  Adding recommendations can now be as simple as pushing a button.  We still think adding testimonials and prioritizing your lists are important, but sometimes you want to add something to your list quickly, so you can fill in the details later.
  • Location URLs:  Originally, if you wanted to link a friend to the “Best burrito in Salt Lake City,” you couldn’t link directly to that list.  You’d have to tell your friend to change her location to Salt Lake City, then navigate to the “Best burrito” list.  That’s changed now; all you need to do is copy the URL and go!  All URLs have the location built in, so feel free to share.  And if you’re a business owner, you can link directly to the page that shows you’re one of the best.

Those are the big improvements in this release.  There are also a slew of small improvements and bug fixes.  As always, if you have any problems or ideas on how to make rfave better, share them with us at

We’re already starting to work on the next release!


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